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Why Choose Us?

We, Batavialabs believe in delivering maximum quality of projects to our customers.

There are certain aspects of successful projects which encompass as follows:

  • No defects in production
  • Project completed within agreed timeline
  • Project completed as per requirements by Customers
  • Project completed with latest technology recommended by us and agreed by customers

In order to achieve customers’ satisfaction, we adopt universal project/application methodology i.e. “V-Model” which is based on International system/software development life cycle.

In essence, the ultimate goal of adopting “V-Model” methodology is to promote the following objectives:

  • Full transparency between us as as vendor and customers
  • Constant communication and recommendations to our customers which includes any Risks/Issues, progress of projects
  • Thorough testing (Unit Testing, System Testing, System Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing) which leads to 0 defects in production
  • Completion of project within agreed timeline which means customers are able start/continue operating business without any downtime